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Instantly Boost Your Productivity

Stop switching between calendars and task lists!

App Land combines your work and home calendars with all your task management tools into one seamless experience controlled by a single app that you can use on any device.

In a Glance

What's Great About App Land?

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Right When You Need It

See all of your appointments, work meetings and life events in one place so you know exactly where you need to be at any given time.

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On Any Device

App Land synchronizes across Android and iOS phones, and on your computer or tablet. See all your dates and info anywhere you are.

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Smart Notifications

Get color-coded notifications for easy viewing at a glance. Your tasks and appointments show up conveniently in one place.

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Syncronized Calendar

For true work-life balance

Stop juggling between calendar apps and productivity tools — from now on all your appointments and meetings appear in one place.

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Comprehensive Task List

Always be in control

We all have stuff to do all the time: Work tasks, calls to make, groceries to buy and dry cleaning to pick up. Get all your tasks in one place for easy management.

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“Fantastic app for planning your day and future tasks. Works perfectly everyday!”

Alyvia Cope, Design at Company

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“A very useful project management app. I use it every day.”

Travis Guidelines, Manager at Company

Regain Control of your To Dos

Download App Land now and connect with all your calendars, project management tools and task lists — it doesn't get easier than this!

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